About RollingKids

Founded in 2017, RollingKids is a multi-brand kids fashion and lifestyle brand.

RollingKids firmly believes that every child is an artist and that they have their own definition of beauty and their own perception of the world and society.

RollingKids’ buyers discovers and explores worldwide kids designer apparel and based on the principles of safety and comfort, selects the best products for children aged 0-14. The RollingKids buyers source for apparel, accessories, footwear etc.

RollingKids is an officially authorized stockiest with all the brands they work with. In 2023, RollingKids works with over 100+ well-known brands such as Marni, Diesel, Stella McCartney, Wynken, Kenzo, Wolf&Rita, Tutu Du Monde, Tia Cibani, RaspberryPlum, etc.

Through their brick-and-mortar stores across China, and with their online
Tmall store and mini programs, RollingKids serves every family that pursues the quality of life and loves life. RollingKids provides one-on-one customized VIP services, and the RollingTeam  hope to be part of our customer’s life journey.

The meaning of
RollingKids literally represents "rolling children". The brand advocates a happy childhood, and hopes that every child can maintain their innocence and create the best childhood memories that last a lifetime. RollingKids mission is  to share all the best and beautiful things in the world with children, hoping that every child in China can experience the whole world...